Why do You Think You Can Be a Good Assistant Principal?


A room where principals use to sitTo convince them that YOU are the right candidate for the job is not an easy task. If you failed to to do so, however, they would hardly offer you a job. Every interview answer matter, not just this one, though in this particular question they directly inquire why you think you can be the one….

I suggest you to come up with an answer in which you’ll specify the value you can bring to the particular educational institution.

Job description can also help you with the answer. Try to focus on the following three areas:

  • Your abilities and experience required/desired for the job.
  • Your motivation to work as an assistant principal, your enthusiasm.
  • Something that makes you unique as a job applicant.

Sample answers

Confused applicant for assistant principal role

I worked as a teacher at the elementary school for ten years. I have always had a personal relationship with the students, leading them, motivating them, and helping them. I also consulted parents and achieved good results in terms of improving the overall rankings of the students. However, I believe that I should do more than just teaching. I consider it my personal mission to lead the children, to help them to find their true calling.  My mindset and experience makes me a right candidate for this job, at least I believe so.

First of all, I meet the job requirements. Secondly, this is the role I always wanted to have. Bigger responsibility, working with the children, that’s something I always wanted to do. I believe I can help making this institution a better place for everyone, and I already have in my mind some ideas on how to achieve my goal.

Special tip: Your interview presence should correspond with your words. For example, when you speak about enthusiasm and motivation while answering a question, it is important that they can feel the enthusiasm in your voice, in the way you talk about things and people. Your verbal and non-verbal communication should tell the same story.

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