What do you consider the main duties of an assistant principal in our institution?


Many job seekers would just look at the job description, reading aloud the duties and responsibilities the employer mentioned on the paper.

Your answer would be good if you decided to follow this path, but it would not stand out. Assistant principal should show some creativity, and a proactive approach to work. You should understand the mission of your job, have goals, and know what you want to achieve at school.


Start with an objective

You can start your answer with an objective, for example:

  • Main duty of an assistant principal is to help the students to develop their skills, to enjoy their time at school, and to maintain good relationship with the school personnel.
  • True role of an assistant principal consists in making the school a transparent, engaging, and motivating place for both students and staff, so everyone can grow both personally and professionally.

Children are sitting in a hall, working on computers. The benches are red and we can see another big screen in the background.

Continue with the duties

You can elaborate on your answer naming a few duties from the job description. Different wording and synonyms will help you to make the answer more original.

And there is one duty you should not forget to mention, especially if the school principal leads the interview: to support the school principal in all their activities and to help them with anything they may need.

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